How much does it cost?

The natural question for anyone who decided to turn to professional help. Working individually, we do not offer the same solutions, so the price always depends on the specific request and the level of complexity of the task. The given prices to help you navigate.

Site type

Landing page
from 500$
from 3 to 10 days

Task of Landing Page is to convince a visitor to buy your product or service. To attract visitors to the Landing is usually used contextual advertising, as it is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to attract potential buyers to the site.

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Promo site
from 600$
from 5 to 15 days

Promo site is the starting tool for the novice business representation to the world on the internet. Promo site, as a rule, implies 3-5 pages of the information contents about activities of your developing company.(пропущенно предложение).Promo site does not include the administrative panel to make changes and adjustments possible, you can do this only via the HTML code.

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Enterprise portal
from 1000$
from 7 to 30 days

Corporate business website – it is a representation of your business in an international web of the Internet. This site displays the company’s activities in the web space. Corporate site allows visitors to make online resource order to get acquainted with the company’s activities and services in the articles, learn about new products, calculate the cost of goods and services, give feedback … Order a corporate site can and should be, for example, to relieve your employees from stories about your work, notify your customers about new developments via news, allow your grateful customers to leave feedback, suggest miscalculation cost calculator … At the corporate website there is the possibility to place a lot of necessary and useful tools to optimize the company’s development. Corporate site is bound to be a unique, stylish and unique design to stand out from the mass of web resources!

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Online Shop
from 1400$
from 15 to 50 days

The online store is the interactive site with the big catalogue of goods and services advertised by the site. An indispensable condition is the existence of a basket for orders.

In any of detailed online shop must be a price list, website’s advertised goods and services. A prerequisite for a good online store is the availability of various methods of sending and payment, the availability of contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, faxes). A big plus is the possibility of shopping for legal entities and individuals.

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