Cost of website development

How much does it cost?

Here you are determined with the type of site you need, and, of course, there is a natural question – what is the cost of website development? It is impossible to determine the exact cost of your project in advance, so we are talking about the price range. Everything depends on the tasks assigned – a certain level of complexity of design, functionality, availability of additional modules, whether you want to promote (promote) the company with the help of web studio, etc. But the estimated cost of website development of the desired type is shown below.

Type of site



from 3
to 15

This is a web page that contains information about a product or service. Performs only one function – registers a potential customer. The main task is to make a visitor a buyer. This simple system quickly pays for itself.
The cost of website development Landing-page is minimal.

from 5
to 15

It is a small site, which contains all information about the company, company or individual. Also in it there is a description of services and prices. This type is the most common. It is more voluminous than the previous type, and therefore costs a little more.

from 7
to 30
1 000$

The cost of website development of this kind can be called average. This type implies full and detailed information about the owner, the company, its products and services, etc. You will make the work inside the company more convenient – different mailings and reports through the site will not require costs. A synchronous, coordinated work of several branches will cease to be a problem. With the help of such a project, it is possible to carry out Internet commerce and the relationship with customers and suppliers. In addition, it is easier to find new employees. Having a corporate website makes your company serious in the eyes of customers.

from 15
to 50
1 400$

This is a large interactive site, in which an extensive catalog of goods and services of the company is presented. A distinctive feature is the basket for the order. It is also important for a good store to have a price list, a variety of methods of sending, contact details, the possibility of shopping for individuals and legal entities. It consists of a storefront, a catalog, a news feed, a smart interface and many other components. This is the most complex kind of project, and therefore the cost of website development (e-shop) significantly exceeds the rest.